Frozen Christmas

Frozen Christmas

Last post from our December trip back east…We arrived in Vermont the day after an intense ice storm. It was glorious! Like stepping into a crystallized world. I’m sure I would have been singing an entirely different tune if our travels had been disrupted by the storm, but as we arrived with no mishaps I was able to enjoy the beauty of a world encased in ice.

Frozen Christmas2

The ice and -10F temperatures made for a chilly Christmas outdoors, but that of course didn’t keep the lights from twinkling or the fun from being had.

Not even lego world was immune to the chill

Frozen Christmas4

Home for the Holidays

We made the annual trek back east for Christmas and despite the frigid temperatures had a fabulous time with our families. Here are some photos from our week in Vermont at my sister’s house. We spent much of the time playing in the snow (well…ice really), cooking and just enjoying time together as a family. Here’s to another happy holiday season.

For Christmas Eve we had a Yankee Swap Party with the whole family. I believe the compression socks and Galileo thermometer were the most sought after (err…stolen) gifts of the night. Sadly no one wanted to take the over-sized t-shirt I opened from Dad.

The joys of Christmas morning.  There is nothing better than watching my niece and nephews’ faces light up with each gift they opened…and gave.

Stay tuned for more photos of the beauty of ice covered Vermont and our trip farther north to Montreal :)

Bittersweet Autumn

Bittersweet Autumn

As a Vermonter living far away from home, Fall is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite season. It’s no secret that I am a very nostalgic person, perhaps to a fault, and my nostalgia is always at it’s height as I start to see and feel pieces of Fall here in Washington. Don’t get me wrong, Washington is very pleasant this time of year, but there is nothing like a Vermont Fall. The colors, the apples, the crisp air, I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

Today at the Farmer’s Market I found some crisp Macintosh apples. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I had at finding these. Washington has some great varieties of apples, but Macintosh are by far my favorite and it’s very rare to find them fresh around here. Fall has begun and I’m left with a bellyful of deliciously tart apples and a longing to be home.