Colors of Spring :: White


Colors of Spring :: Yellow

Colors of Spring :: Pink

Colors of Spring :: Pink

The neighbor children caught me sitting by a bush in our front yard with my camera and asked what I was doing. “Taking Photos” I said. “Of a bush? Why?” They replied. “Oh, because it’s what I do” :)

Pink and Green


Another month, another challenge; this month it’s “Water.” I had planned on selecting a fun portrait to submit, but then I discovered the perfect reflection captured in these rain-soaked buds. I wish I could say that this was entirely intentional, but in truth it was more of a happy accident. I was playing with my macro lens and focusing on the droplets, not even noticing the reflection until reviewing the images in Lightroom.


Here’s a close-up of the reflection. I considered cropping the image to highlight just this portion, but find that I much prefer the image as a whole, with the little extra surprise.


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Rock the Shot

Something Green

This month’s challenge from Rock the Shot is “Something Green.” It’s a pretty broad challenge, basically the image just has to have something green in it. When I started looking through my library I found lots of choices; I could repost my shot of the artichoke or apple cider spheres or post a sneak-peek from an upcoming series I’m planning on my grandfather’s gardens or any number of portrait sessions…just to name a few. But in the end, I keep coming back to a series I took last spring, just before I started this blog. In fact, the series became my first ever blog post. Here’s just one of the images:

Something green

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Pesto Pasta Perfection


Over the last year my husband and I have been working hard on perfecting our pasta recipe. We’ve had a few ups and downs…bowls of mush, disintegrating dough…but by golly I think we’ve finally got it! And for once, I seem to be the one with the magic touch.

Beyond the yumminess, I’m also kind of obsessed with the beautiful texture and color of dough. If I hadn’t been so hungry I might have just played with it all day.


A little Winter Romance

Ryan and MelissaIn honor of this day of love, here’s a peek at the beautiful winter wedding I photographed last weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day!