Challenging Myself

My New Year’s Resolution is to step out of my comfort zone and ‘put myself out there.’ I wish I could say this was an easy task, but then, I guess I wouldn’t need to make a resolution out of it. Starting this blog last year was a big step in this direction and amazingly has provided me with a little confidence boost. Now the challenge is to find more ways to share my work.

One thing I’d like to start doing is participating in photography contests. This month Rock the Shot Forum has challenged it’s readers to post their favorite photo from 2013. It took a lot of thought to choose a favorite photo. There were just so many directions I could go! In the end, I decided to post this one that I took of my niece while vacationing in Spain this summer. Not only I am proud of the image, but it reminds me of a special time we spent together as a family.

Here’s to 2014! A new year, full of new (and hopefully exciting) challenges.

Also, check out my niece’s site to hear her extraordinary music! I’m pretty proud of her as well :)

Challenging Myself

Rock the Shot