12th man pride

12th ManTruth be told, football has never been my thing, and while I’ve truly enjoyed living in Seattle for the past seven years, I haven’t entirely felt like I belong. But this last month, the 12th man has won my heart. The die hard fans of Seattle have taught me that a some teams are just worth rooting for (especially a group of athletes that were told they would never make it in this league). More importantly, they’ve taught me that Seattle is a city that stands behind its people, with passion.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the energy surrounding Seattle over the past month. It’s electrifying. You can’t turnaround without seeing another jersey, another flag, another set of blue and green lights, another new friend wearing your colors. If you believe in the power of positive thinking and had experienced these fans for yourself, you’d never had doubted our Seahawks. Yes, I said “our” Seahawks; the 12th man finally made me feel connected to my adopted home, for which I can’t thank them enough. Go Hawks!

12th Man Cupcake