Colors of Spring :: Pink

The neighbor children caught me sitting by a bush in our front yard with my camera and asked what I was doing. “Taking Photos” I said. “Of a bush? Why?” They replied. “Oh, because it’s what I do” :)

Pink and Green


Another month, another challenge; this month it’s “Water.” I had planned on selecting a fun portrait to submit, but then I discovered the perfect reflection captured in these rain-soaked buds. I wish I could say that this was entirely intentional, but in truth it was more of a happy accident. I was playing with my macro lens and focusing on the droplets, not even noticing the reflection until reviewing the images in Lightroom.


Here’s a close-up of the reflection. I considered cropping the image to highlight just this portion, but find that I much prefer the image as a whole, with the little extra surprise.


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First Blossoms of Spring


They say that this is the wettest March on record here in Seattle, but to me it’s actually seemed quite nice. Sure we’ve had many a down-pour, but each has been followed by some delightful sun. I much prefer this pattern to the monotonous drizzle day in and day out. Plus, it’s given me plenty of chances to capture the rain-soaked blossoms of spring.