Let them play!

When it comes to photographing children, my philosophy is ‘let them play.’ Taking a child and forcing them to corporate and pose for a photo is not going to get us anywhere….well nowhere fun at least. Instead, let’s play, run around and get to know each other. This is how the authentic moments happen.

Last week I got together with these five beautiful cousins and their grandparents for a fun, spirited session. They certainty kept me on my toes! Here are a few of my favorite moments.


And my personal favorite, showing Grandpa some love. Playing isn’t just for the kids!


Challenging Myself

My New Year’s Resolution is to step out of my comfort zone and ‘put myself out there.’ I wish I could say this was an easy task, but then, I guess I wouldn’t need to make a resolution out of it. Starting this blog last year was a big step in this direction and amazingly has provided me with a little confidence boost. Now the challenge is to find more ways to share my work.

One thing I’d like to start doing is participating in photography contests. This month Rock the Shot Forum has challenged it’s readers to post their favorite photo from 2013. It took a lot of thought to choose a favorite photo. There were just so many directions I could go! In the end, I decided to post this one that I took of my niece while vacationing in Spain this summer. Not only I am proud of the image, but it reminds me of a special time we spent together as a family.

Here’s to 2014! A new year, full of new (and hopefully exciting) challenges.


Also, check out my niece’s site www.sofiaofficial.com to hear her extraordinary music! I’m pretty proud of her as well :)

Challenging Myself

Rock the Shot

A stroll with old friends

A few months ago I headed back east for an all too short weekend. While I was there, I got a chance to photograph some pretty awesome people. Anna has been one of my best friends since I was assigned as her guide in the seventh grade. We were inseparable for much of middle school, but even though we’ve gone down different paths since then, she has been a rock in my life. A true BFF one could say…if one used such acronyms, which as a general rule I don’t, but we’ll go with it for the sake of the story. Where was I? Oh yeah, Anna…she’s a pretty cool chica and I’m incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

Technically I have known her boyfriend, Greg, even longer. We went to the same elementary school, but as we were in different classes I have no recollections of any specific interactions with him, so really, we just met this year. Seeing how well he treats my Anna, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.

Together these two make a pretty stellar couple. It’s such a treat for me to photograph people I love.

PS. Check out Anna’s Blog. She’s a talented comic and artist. And it’s all thanks to her encouragement that I have a blog of my own.


And finally, one of Anna and me, in front of the church where we spent two summers attending a theater camp together.  I have a strong urge to write something about a Lycosa now…


Free Portrait Session in Support of St. Jude’s

Hey Seattle Friends! Please spread the word, there are still a few open sessions at my upcoming event with Pottery Barn kids this Friday and Saturday. Come on down to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and get some great photos before the holidays! Call PBK at the UVillage to sign up (206) 527 5560.

Free Portrait Session in Support of St. Jude's


A day at the park with Daelyn & Family

Daelyn wasn’t exactly sure she wanted to be a model, but with a little coaxing we were able to capture this adorable little girl’s stunning blue eyes and sweet smile. Thank you Daelyn for putting up with me!

Daelyn & Family :: Juanita Bay Park Session


Although senior portraits aren’t a big thing where she lives, I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph my beautiful niece in a “senior style” session while we were in Spain. Sofia was my first subject; she born when I was twelve years old and just beginning to discover my passion for photography. Now she’s an amazing and super talented young woman.  Seriously, go check out her music as http://www.sofiaofficial.com, you won’t be disappointed!


And for good measure…a few throwbacks from her early work as my model :)


Jaclyn 2014 :: Carkeek Park Senior Session

I’m stoked to finally be sharing this great senior session! I had so much fun with Jaclyn and her family last month. Jaclyn was up for anything; for our last shot she got right down in the waves. I love a gal that’s willing to get dirty for a great portrait!{Jaclyn 2014} - Carkeek Park Senior Session

Portraits for St. Jude’s

Portraits for St. Jude's

In the Seattle area? Join me at Pottery Barn Kids, November 15th and 16th to support a great cause and capture some stellar photos just in time for the holidays. Sign up early, space is limited!

Sign up at Pottery Barn Kids, University Village Seattle – (206) 527 5560.

Briana & Jason :: Arboretum Engagement Session

{Briana & Jason } - Arboretum Engagement Session

The best part about this business is working with amazing people! I had such a fun session with this beautiful couple last month and am so excited to share their images. Congratulations Briana and Jason on your engagement, you are going to make such a gorgeous bride and handsome groom!

The Binghams :: Studio Session

{ The Binghams } - Studio Session

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have my indoor studio completely set up. And what better way to break it in than with the fabulous Bingham family! I’ve been photographing these kids for the last two years and loving every second of it. They continuously crack me up and always come with the best smiles. Thank you guys for another fun shoot, can’t wait for the next one!