Our Little Man

I am very happy to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy! Well, okay…he was born two months ago, but give me some slack. Turns out, caring for a newborn is a lot of work.

Despite the craziness of the first few weeks (months? years?) of parenthood I did manage to pull off a newborn session. Our little man was a perfect model for this shoot, though we’ll see how long he puts up with his dear ol’ mom and her camera in the future. :)

Our Little Man

Our Little Man2

Our Little Man3

Dear Blog, I apologize for my absence

Dear Blog, I must sincerely apologize for my prolonged absence. Last year I promised you that I would be diligent about posting weekly and then I just disappeared. I have an excuse, I swear. Whether it’s a good one or not, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

You see, just days before my last post, I found out I was pregnant. Yay! Cue the excitement. Cue the nerves. Cue the overwhelming nausea. I always thought that I would love being pregnant. I looked at the beautiful women with their rounding bellies and couldn’t wait to be one of them. Turns out, pregnancy actually kind of sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the little guy growing inside me. He is the true dream. But that doesn’t negate the everyday awfulness of the past seven months, it just makes it worth it.  At least, that’s what every woman I’ve spoken with that has survived this process has told me. I have to believe it’s true.

I’m now 29 weeks and at the beginning of my third trimester. I never experienced the promised ‘energy boost’ of the second trimester, instead it’s been a constant flood of morning sickness (seriously the cruelest misnomer in the history of the language…unless ‘morning’ means all waking hours), aches and pains, and all around tiredness since the beginning. Still, the worst part for me is how pregnancy has changed my relationship with food. I used to love food (heck I even have a food blog!), but since I’ve gotten pregnant, I’ve learned to resent it. Food is now a necessary evil that I must manage properly or suffer the consequences. Eat too much, nausea. Eat too little, nausea. Eat the wrong thing, nausea. I never win.

This of course has put a bit of a damper on my food photography hobby. I was forced to stop posting when I went to edit some images I took pre-pregnancy and couldn’t even look at them without gagging. In fact, I have two shoots sitting in my Lightroom catalog just waiting to be shared.

Someday I’ll get back to them; for now I make no promises about the future of my posting. After all, it’s hard to make promises when you’re not entirely sure what the future has in store. I fully expect (and hope beyond hope) that I will love food again. But will I have time to cook, style and shoot any dishes? Perhaps not for a bit. I’ll continue to shoot portraits and explore the world with my camera (soon with an adorable model at my side!) and I’ll check in now and again, but probably no weekly posts. Someday I’ll be back. hopefully sooner rather than later.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few self portraits at 28 weeks. I took these in a moment of remembering that despite my whining this is still a time I want to document and cherish :)

Thanks for understanding, my dear Blog. I’ll see you when I see you. – Leah




A little CreativeLive Love

Oy, what a week! I meant to write this post when the emotions for my most recent appearance on CreativeLive were fresh, but alas the fates did not grant me the time. Between getting sick, locked out the house and other various mishaps this week has flown by in an unproductive haze. Still, I wanted to post a little CreativeLive love before the week ended. (If you never heard of CreativeLive, you absolutely have to check them out. They are an extraordinary online learning site, run by a wonderful group of people. Seriously, go to their site and discover a world of knowledge!)

So yeah, last week I attended another food photography workshop at CreativeLive. This was my third appearance in the studio audience and I cannot fully express how much each these experiences have meant to me. You learn so much over the course of the three-day workshop, but more importantly you meet some amazing people.  (To read about my first experience at CreativeLive check out this post from last year)

This workshop was run by Diane Cu and Todd Porter (aka the White on Rice Couple).  They are a charming duo with a beautiful photographic style and inspiring insight into the world of food photography. Unlike my first experience, which I went into basically clueless about food photography, I started this course with some knowledge of the work and business.  Still, it was wonderful to watch them work and hear a new perspective. I truly believe you can never have too many teachers.


Photo from the set. Styled by Diane Cu

Beyond the incredible insights into food photography, the most poignant moment for me was when they started talking about their beginnings. Diane mentioned that one day she was fed up with the business of food photography. That was it. She was done with their food blog.  She didn’t want to pursue this business anymore. But Todd said “No”, quitting was not an option. This struck home for me; it reminded me of my husband. Although he is not a photographer and not technically part of my business, he is the backbone. I can’t count the number of time I have expressed my doubts and desire to veer off this winding photographic path and he’s continued to push me forward.

Recently we were on a walk and I was worrying about something or other, he stopped me and said “Leah, What you do is really amazing. Well, I know I’m forced to say that, but I really mean it. You’re really talented. I don’t say that enough. You can do this.”

Food photography is still pretty new to me. It’s something I started doing because I just love good food; it was a natural progression. For now, portrait photography is my business and food photography is my hobby. I love them both, but we’ll see where the future leads. I recently started a project where I plan on creating and photographing one dish a week and posting here to my blog. So if you love food, stay tuned!

I’ll end with a “Thank You.” Thank you to CreativeLive for being the awesome operation that you are. Thank you to Diane and Todd for your incredible knowledge and for not quitting. And thank you to my husband for never letting me quit. You all rock.

Props from the CreativeLive set

Props from the set

Added bonus, we got to meet Ethan Stowell during the workshop! As a foodie, meeting this famous chef was way cooler than meeting any other sort of celebrity. :)

photo (2)

Honeymoon memories

During our recent trek back east to visit family and friends, the husband and I decided to end our trip with a few days in Ogunquit, at the inn where we spent our honeymoon. The area is rather serene this time of year, just how we like it.

Although, I must admit, we went mostly because we were having a major craving for some fresh Maine lobster. It was just over week ago and we already want to go back.



One year in…

Last week was my one-year anniversary of starting this blog. It’s been an interesting and fulfilling project. I’m still struggling with trying to find my voice and direction but I’m enjoying the journey. Mostly because, by having the blog, I have a reason to go out and photograph random things. And who knows where these random outings may lead?

This anniversary also happens to coincide with some big changes in my life. I am finally working solely for myself! This (hopefully!) means I will have more time to devote to my various projects and passions. Many of which I hope to share with you all here. So stay tuned as I catch up on some past travel pieces, delve further into food photography and continue to explore.

Thank you to all who enjoy and support my photography, it means the world to me.

Oh…and just because… here’s a shot from one of my wanderings that I’ve yet to post.

One year...

Happy Birthday Dad

My father died when I was just 11 months old. Today would have been his 62nd birthday.

It’s an odd kind of sadness to miss someone you’ve never known. That is not to say that I ever missed having a father in my life. On the contrary, I grew up with a wonderful dad. My mom’s second husband adopted me when I was 5 and had been a true father to me ever since. But that will never negate the desire to know my first father and the lingering questions of What If.

He loved daffodils, and perhaps due to an innate preference or my constant quest to find him in myself, they also happen to be my favorite flower.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you, always.


Frozen Christmas

Frozen Christmas

Last post from our December trip back east…We arrived in Vermont the day after an intense ice storm. It was glorious! Like stepping into a crystallized world. I’m sure I would have been singing an entirely different tune if our travels had been disrupted by the storm, but as we arrived with no mishaps I was able to enjoy the beauty of a world encased in ice.

Frozen Christmas2

The ice and -10F temperatures made for a chilly Christmas outdoors, but that of course didn’t keep the lights from twinkling or the fun from being had.

Not even lego world was immune to the chill

Frozen Christmas4

12th man pride

12th ManTruth be told, football has never been my thing, and while I’ve truly enjoyed living in Seattle for the past seven years, I haven’t entirely felt like I belong. But this last month, the 12th man has won my heart. The die hard fans of Seattle have taught me that a some teams are just worth rooting for (especially a group of athletes that were told they would never make it in this league). More importantly, they’ve taught me that Seattle is a city that stands behind its people, with passion.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the energy surrounding Seattle over the past month. It’s electrifying. You can’t turnaround without seeing another jersey, another flag, another set of blue and green lights, another new friend wearing your colors. If you believe in the power of positive thinking and had experienced these fans for yourself, you’d never had doubted our Seahawks. Yes, I said “our” Seahawks; the 12th man finally made me feel connected to my adopted home, for which I can’t thank them enough. Go Hawks!

12th Man Cupcake

A Canadian New Years

Montreal 2013

After spending Christmas with my family in Vermont, we headed up north to the wilds of Canada for New Years with my husband’s family. (To me, city life is ‘the wilds’ compared to small town Vermont). Besides some quality family time, we got to meet our beautiful new nephew, eat some delicious meals and enjoy fabulous boxing day sales.

Montreal 20132

And of course our annual New Years tradition of eating every piece of seafood the city has to offer. These photos don’t do this smorgasbord justice; as a group, we can down a great deal of shellfish.

Montreal 20133

Home for the Holidays

We made the annual trek back east for Christmas and despite the frigid temperatures had a fabulous time with our families. Here are some photos from our week in Vermont at my sister’s house. We spent much of the time playing in the snow (well…ice really), cooking and just enjoying time together as a family. Here’s to another happy holiday season.

For Christmas Eve we had a Yankee Swap Party with the whole family. I believe the compression socks and Galileo thermometer were the most sought after (err…stolen) gifts of the night. Sadly no one wanted to take the over-sized t-shirt I opened from Dad.

The joys of Christmas morning.  There is nothing better than watching my niece and nephews’ faces light up with each gift they opened…and gave.

Stay tuned for more photos of the beauty of ice covered Vermont and our trip farther north to Montreal :)