Mocha Panna Cotta

And finally, the closing post on our dinner party…Mocha Panna Cotta

Although it looks pretty good, I have to admit that we haven’t quite perfected the dish. We of course attempted it the nerdy way, with a Panna Cotta recipe from the Modernist Cuisine at Home book.  After three tries, it still hasn’t set properly…. but the flavors are all there!

mocha panna cotta

Happily, we got a chance to delve into some of our favorite pantry items to complete the dish. On top of the Panna Cotta we poured a touch of Woodinville Whiskey’s Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. (As a Vermonter, whose family has been making maple syrup her whole life, I consider myself something of an expert on the subject and this absolutely makes the cut). For the final touch, we sprinkled on some Espresso Salt (A delectable item which we came across while killing some time in Portsmouth New Hampshire. Every flavor at The Salt Cellar was pretty amazing, but I think the Espresso was my favorite).

mocha panna cotta

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Although this is the last post for this specific dinner party, there are many creations to come. Please follow the blog to keep up with our culinary adventures!



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