A Chef Steps Inspired Dinner Party

For the last week I’ve been posting a great deal about a dinner party we had the other weekend. You may be wondering why I’ve been making such a deal over this particular gathering, after all, we cook for friends all the time. Well I’m happy to finally post the star dish of the night; Chef Steps 200-hour beef (or Pastrami Plate).

Chef Steps 200 hour beef

Although cooking this ourselves would have been pretty nifty, what makes this dish extra special is that the great crew at Chef Steps actually did all the work for us. We were lucky enough to take part in an experiment for Chef Steps. We stopped by their offices in Pike Place Market (such a cool space, full of awesome people!), picked up a box of vacuum sealed prepared foods and brought it home. The kit included instructions on how to finish off each piece and then plate it…leading to the most beautifully presented dish we have yet to create. A huge thank you to Chef Steps for helping us serve such a high-quality dish in our own home.

Chef Steps 200 hour beef

Check out these previous posts to view the other courses from our dinner party:

Fried Goat Cheese

Chilled Tomato Soup

The other courses

Next up, the final course; Mocha Panna Cotta!




3 thoughts on “A Chef Steps Inspired Dinner Party

  1. Does this taste as good as it looks?! I have to admit, vacuum-sealed packs looks a little strange for a lovely dinner with friends, but the final product is GORGEOUS. That purple with the brown and then the orange POP. Wish I had been there. :)

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