Chilled Tomato Soup

chilled tomato soup

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ll know that last week the Husband and I hosted a dinner party. In my previous post, I showed a preview of the meal, with our Fried Goat Cheese bites. This week, I have another course to share;  Chef Step’s Chilled Tomato Soup. Happily this Chilled Tomato Soup is was quite easy to make and simply delicious.

Keep reading to see a few images of our process. For the original recipe, head on over to Chef Steps.

chilled tomato soup

We created this dish with farmer’s market tomatos, garlic, shallots and some homegrown basil (sadly, our own tomato plant has yet to produce a significant harvest). We then placed the mixture in a vacuum-sealed bag, sous vide for 10 minutes and then blended. Voila! Chilled tomato soup.

basil oil

Although the soup was quite good on it’s own, the addition of basil oil made it shine. For this dish we made the basil oil suggested in the Chef Steps Chilled Tomato soup recipe, which involved blanching the basil, mixing with oil and pureeing it. However, next time we’d prefer to infuse oil with basil flavor, rather than make this mix. How would we do this? Another Chef steps recipe of course!

chilled tomato soup

I’ll be posting the remaining four dishes from this meal shortly (I promise!). If you missed last week’s preview, check out my previous post on Fried Goat Cheese bites.  And be sure to follow the blog if you want to see more of our culinary adventures!

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