Salmon Crudo

Now that I’m working for myself I finally have some time to focus on my food photography. My goal is to start a series of posts in which I share one dish a week (by announcing this, hopefully I’ll actually follow through :) ) . This project is not just about the photography but also my actual skills in the kitchen. My husband has been in charge of most of our meals and while I have happily played sous-chef to his head chef it’s time to get my hands dirty and try out some recipes for myself!

That being said, for this week’s dish, I must give all the chef-credit to the Husband. Although I did plate, and of course, photograph it.

Salmon Crudo

This delectable bite started out as an attempt to recreate Chef Steps’ Salmon Crudo. The original recipe calls for Ikura conesthinly sliced and pickled beets shaped into a cone and stuffed with salmon roe. Sadly our cheap mandoline proved useless for slicing the beets and is now sitting in our Goodwill pile. As we were unable to construct the Ikura cones, we opted to dice the pickled beets and lay them directly on top of the fish, along with the Ikura. Although not pictured, our final version included some pickled asparagus, which was a perfect final touch. All together it created a lovely blend of flavors.

Whether or not you like crudo, you must try the Horseradish Cream! Perhaps with a juicy steak? Or whatever else might fancy. :)


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