A little Winter Romance

Ryan and MelissaIn honor of this day of love, here’s a peek at the beautiful winter wedding I photographed last weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup

Last year for Valentine’s Day, my husband made me some mushroom soup…it was atrocious. Seriously. I love mushrooms, but that soup turned me away from all forms of fungi for quite some time, and mushroom soup even longer. So when he suggested we make a mushroom soup last week I was understandably skeptical. He’s been following the Serious Eats food blog for some time and really wanted to try their recipe. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I agreed to give it a try. Although we weren’t able to get ours quite as smooth and creamy, happily, it was delicious!

Here’s the link to the recipe for Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup. Try it out, and Enjoy!

Frozen Christmas

Frozen Christmas

Last post from our December trip back east…We arrived in Vermont the day after an intense ice storm. It was glorious! Like stepping into a crystallized world. I’m sure I would have been singing an entirely different tune if our travels had been disrupted by the storm, but as we arrived with no mishaps I was able to enjoy the beauty of a world encased in ice.

Frozen Christmas2

The ice and -10F temperatures made for a chilly Christmas outdoors, but that of course didn’t keep the lights from twinkling or the fun from being had.

Not even lego world was immune to the chill

Frozen Christmas4

12th man pride

12th ManTruth be told, football has never been my thing, and while I’ve truly enjoyed living in Seattle for the past seven years, I haven’t entirely felt like I belong. But this last month, the 12th man has won my heart. The die hard fans of Seattle have taught me that a some teams are just worth rooting for (especially a group of athletes that were told they would never make it in this league). More importantly, they’ve taught me that Seattle is a city that stands behind its people, with passion.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the energy surrounding Seattle over the past month. It’s electrifying. You can’t turnaround without seeing another jersey, another flag, another set of blue and green lights, another new friend wearing your colors. If you believe in the power of positive thinking and had experienced these fans for yourself, you’d never had doubted our Seahawks. Yes, I said “our” Seahawks; the 12th man finally made me feel connected to my adopted home, for which I can’t thank them enough. Go Hawks!

12th Man Cupcake

A Canadian New Years

Montreal 2013

After spending Christmas with my family in Vermont, we headed up north to the wilds of Canada for New Years with my husband’s family. (To me, city life is ‘the wilds’ compared to small town Vermont). Besides some quality family time, we got to meet our beautiful new nephew, eat some delicious meals and enjoy fabulous boxing day sales.

Montreal 20132

And of course our annual New Years tradition of eating every piece of seafood the city has to offer. These photos don’t do this smorgasbord justice; as a group, we can down a great deal of shellfish.

Montreal 20133