Let’s Prioritize

I spent last weekend at a food photography workshop with Andrew Scrivani (to read more about the awesome course check out my earlier post. Better yet, to watch to course check out creativeLIVE) We learned so much during this time that I couldn’t possibly implement it all at once. I’ve decided to start with three things:

First, I want to start collecting interesting surfaces, dishes, napkins etc. to photograph on. I’ve always had a thing for textures and interesting designs on objects, but now I have a reason to actually hoard…err, collect…them (friends, if you’re ever struggling with gift giving ideas for me, pass on a cool plate you found at a garage sale and I’ll be happy as a clam).

Next, I need to sit down with my husband and discuss plating. I’m thinking we should start preparing separate dishes; one hot dish that is all about the flavor for him, and one not-so-hot dish that is all about the presentation for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a delicious hot spread, but we need to prioritize here! (Andrew taught us a few great tips on how to work with spaghetti, dollops, and herbs but I’m really interested in learning more techniques. If anyone out there knows of a great resource, please let me know!)

Finally, I will work on my lighting to discover a style that works for me. So far, most of the shots I’ve posted have been in my backyard, with fairly flat natural light. Now, I’m not sure that my style is quite as moody as Andrew gravitates toward, but it could certainly use some improvement on handling the shadows and highlights to create a more interesting image.

Here’s my first image since ‘graduating.’ Fried green tomatoes, topped with smoked salmon and a honey mustard sauce.

I’m not entirely happy with the shot. For one, I think I started with a difficult dish and the color is less than appealing. I also really need to get on collecting fun plates. The one I used for this photo is from our kitchen cupboard and is very shiny and not all that interesting to photograph. Plus, I find the blue edge distracting. But, it’s a start!

fried green tomatoes

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