Food Photography: “If the door is open a crack…”

The idea of being a ‘food photographer’ is new for me. Sure, I’ve photographed plenty of dishes over the years, but it was until quite recently that I thought, ‘hey, maybe I could really do something with this?’ Andrew Scrivani’s course at creativeLIVE emerged at the exact right time. On a whim, (and with my husband’s encouragement) I sent in a video to request being part of the live audience.

I was thrilled to have been chosen to learn tips and tricks from a renowned professional. But I could never have guessed how incredible the entire experience would be.

I was part of something truly special. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to adequately describe this experience and I’m at a loss. Sure, I learned a ton about food photography, but it was more than that. Between our incredible instructor, stellar CreativeLive team, and of course the other audience members, there was such an amazing, dynamic energy in the air. That’s not to mention the inspiring quest contributor, Shauna Ahern, who deserves a post of her own.  I’m just so thankful to have been a part of it all.

So now what?  Well, I believe it’s time to start photographing food in earnest. I’ll start small and keep shooting the interesting dishes my husband and I create, continually working on improving my style. Right now my images are okay… but they are not great. But as Andrew said at the beginning of the class “you are as good as the last photo you took.”

Thank you again to Andrew and everyone at CreativeLive. This meant the world to me.

And finally, to leave you with my favorite quote from the weekend (paraphrased because I can’t remember word for word what was said): “if the door is open a crack, don’t just peek in, crash through.”

My fellow audience members. You all rock!

Photo Credit: Marianne Hawkins Sabrier (

Photo Credit: Marianne Hawkins Sabrier (

The CreativeLive Crew. I have so much respect for this team, I can’t wait to join you for another workshop!

Photo Credit: Marianne Hawkins Sabrier (

Photo Credit: Marianne Hawkins Sabrier (

3 thoughts on “Food Photography: “If the door is open a crack…”

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  2. I’m so happy this was so awesome! Sounds completely inspiring — and for work that is often solitary, it’s great to have a moment when a group’s energy can totally pump you up. YAY.


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