One year ago

Boards_Anniversary Bouquet

One year ago yesterday I married the love of my life.

To celebrate he gave me a bouquet of sunflowers (a main piece of our wedding decor) and then we went to the zoo. Yes, the zoo. Perhaps a strange place to spend your anniversary, but we had a lovely day walking around, checking out the big cats and laughing at the gorillas eating lettuce. I decided not to bring my camera, because sometimes it just nice to be together.

Afterward we went to the Walrus & the Carpenter for dinner (great name, right!). I think we have found a new favorite Seattle-area restaurant. Now this is a bit of feat as we consider ourselves a bit of food snobs, but this place was fantastic. From the atmosphere sitting at the bar, to the perfect oysters, to the beautifully crafted dishes. I’m just sad that I was too full to eat more than three. Guess we’ll just have to go back. – And side note, I am absolutely obsessed with the building they are located in, a newly-renovated, old brick, marine supply store, I dream of living/working in a place like that some day. It makes me happy just thinking about it –

We ended the day back at the house with some chocolate covered strawberries, sprinkled with Heathbar crunch pieces. I wish I could say we came up with this divine concoction on our own, but I must give the credit to the Wicked Spoon buffet in Vegas (another must try spot for you foodies out there).

Overall it was a pretty nice day.  A little calmer than last year’s hoopla, but very nice!

Boards_Anniversary Strawberries

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