The Gardening Gene


My paternal grandparents are renowned gardeners, known worldwide for their extensive cacti collection. It is nothing short of incredible to wander through their gardens at any season, whether it’s fields of daffodils and tulips, giant rhododendron trees, or delicious vegetables. (If you have a moment to marvel at the impressiveness of my grandparents’ gardens and greenhouses check out this you tube video: Horticourt Stories: Dr. Gerald Barad)

My mother grew up on a farm and is no slouch in the garden herself. I’ve learned in my adult years how I took for granted all the fresh berries and vegetables that I always had at my fingertips.

I, however, have yet to keep a plant alive for more than a season. (Although, my husband did manage to salvage last year’s sage, which was all but dead, and is now thriving again).  So far, gardening has not proven to be an innate ability passed down through the generations. Still, I will continue to try. This weekend we planted our first tomato plant and have a new set of herbs growing on the windowsill. It’s a start; maybe someday we’ll have a garden half as impressive as my family.

3 thoughts on “The Gardening Gene

  1. agreed, my favorite ‘helpful’ hint about gardening… if it doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to change it. (and only brag about the successes, any plant person has more failures then successes)


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